Digital Clicks But No Scratches Present

Ok ive got a wierd case here
Ive gotten an audio cd thats quite old (1987 to be exact)
and when playing it through the cd drive in my computer sometimes a digital click will occur during the track, but the catch is that the cd is flawless and scratchless both top and bottom.

Seems to be less clicks in PowerDVD than most other cd player programs. Sometimes if you quick seek over the click 3+ seconds before the click will disappear.

Im using an analog cable and digital audio is switched off for the cd drive.
Also have tried the original and backup (TDK AUDIO XA80) on other players such as my Pioneer DVD player 545 model and an old Teac with nothing noticable on the DVD player but some on the Teac. (backup yet to be tested on the external drives)

The backup is read at 1x and burnt at 4x (On a Liteon 48x12x48)

What do you suppose the problem is?
Does anyone think the computer cd player is not playing as accurate as the set top players?


The CD is dying… It’s not uncommon, I have two in this condition, and a friend of mine have one that became completely unreadable.

I used EAC in order to make a backup of it onto a CDR, EAC managed to correct nearly all the errors.
The presence of clicks depends strongly on the drive. I always had no clicks on a Hifi Yamaha players with CDs that clicked on the computer players. But I’m currently running some deep testing on the quality of the audio reading under difficult conditions, and the hifi player finally showed also some clicks, while a given PC drive, the Teac E540, performed better.

Decent quality standalone CD players usually have better audio error correction than computer CD-ROM drives.

The CD-ROM may allow audible clicks that are masked by audio interpolation in a drive with better error correction. The media may still have errors or defects, but the error correction masks them.

Thanks all for your help
Ive listen to both backups all the way through and haven’t noticed scratches on them so the liteon did well at copying them.
I used Blindwrite to back them up and ive ripped them to wavs via EAC (done it flawlessly)


You should have backed them up with EAC, it would have detected any flaw.

Well when i get some more Cd’s ill make the backup via EAC and see how it goes

Thanks for the tip :wink:

Always Appreciated

I had this problem too when i copied some christmass cds from my grand mother for my dad… I just selected reading speed of my plextor cdrom @ 4X