Digital cameras around $100

are any of these cameras worth having? I have a nice digital camera for myself and my 7 and 13 year old daughters are always wanting to use it to take pictures. We are going on vacation and they want a camer of their own to take pics. We have the old 35mm film cameras but with the cost of film and printing out all of the pics they take, i was wondering if it would be worth buying a couple of these “cheaper” digi cameras. Any model #'s or links would be great if anyone had any experience with these. By the way, i am in the US

They´ll fill your hard-drive with photos, and you´ll never get time to use your own computer ever again! :eek::eek:

No…well…[I]maybe[/I] they won´t.

Most cameras at this level will be kinda crap, but [U]stick to the well known brands [/U]and you´ll be ok: Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Samsung, Panasonic etc…
[B]Consider the memory cards[/B]…perhaps you should get a brand with the same card as your own camera
[B]Consider also batteries[/B]: Smartest is AA rechargeable…that way there will always be some or easy to get hold of some in an emergency (gas station for example)

Last friday I bought an used Nikon Coolpix 8800… in 2004 it cost about 1200 € with a 4GB memory card… Nikon Corp. stopped production in late 2004 due to high production costs and low requests by the general public, but the camera is still semi-professional and has the same quality of many 2008 ones.

Mine cost about 320 €. It has arrived today but I’ve discovered that the package lacks something like the USB cable or the memory card… I think I’ll buy a 4GB one for about 70 € (not a Chinese one, obviously :slight_smile: ). I’ve made some photos with it and I am very happy of them… the only disadvantage is that the dimensions are not very little… if you want to take the Coolpix with you then you have to wear a strap around the neck… hmm, but the quality is worth the disturb :slight_smile: