Digital camera



As i have just recently bought a TFT, DVD writer and a printer cash is limited so basically…
Whats the best digital camera (in your opinion) for around the £150-£180 uk
And yes i have used search and also looked online and in mags but with hundreds of different models its a bit of a minefield…
If you cant name one just say what models do you prefer and why …


It is kind of hard to name one. What do you want it for? Pics that will be printed or just kept on the PC? If printed what size are you looking at for the prints? The size of print will help us with the minimum pixels you will need, for example if you are looking at A4 size prints a 3meg camera is not going to be of much use.


I bought a Sony cybershot last year to take baby photos.
Its now been well + truly superseeded but I still Love it. I think its a 3MP which is more than enough for what we want.
It takes VGA video for as long as the memory stick will hold, which is cool, as others I was looking at only took a max of 30 secs at a time.
It has its own rechargable sony battery which tells me how much time is remaining charge wise.

Dont focus just on pixels+zoom numbers.
Take into account batteries+memory cost then go to the stores and have a play around.


I now can go upto £260 max so what would be the best or even best make of digital camera to go for that price …


i have a canon s400 4MP that is amazing - definitely look into the canons.
Also the sony cameras are excellent and they have some beautiful new models out now.

both of these are hot!


sorry just read this anyway i bought the Sony Cyber-shot W7 (7.2MP)


that’s a lot of MP’s.


And post some pics whenever you shot something nice :slight_smile: