Digital Camera - Budget $400

For Shooting 8 By 11 Size.
Excellent Lense Quality
For Sports And Scenic Lasndscapes
Good Zoom
Fast continuous Picture Taking Time
Am In Usa

What kind of camera are you looking for? Should it be a P&S cam (hardly usable for sports) or perhaps a dSLR or prosumer dSLR like? As you want a lightweight cam I presume you are in for a small device (so most likely a prosumer cam)?

For shooting 8 by 11, a resolution of 4mpx should do fine. Higher is usually better.

For sports, you’ll need a lens with quite some tele, a big aperture (2.0 for instance) and your cam needs a fast shutter. That means that you also need a sensor that produces acceptable images at a higher ISO level (ISO 800 or higher) and a cam with a minimal shutter lag.

For the landscapes, you need a whole different kind of lens. Usually, small apertures are applied here (6~16). You’ll need a system (or lens) that ranges between about 10mm (ultrawide) up to about 70mm (tele for landscapes).

Fast continous shooting is something only really expensive cams can handle. A cam that can do 3fps is likely way to expensive for you. Cams with big shutter lags can hardly do continous shooting. For instance my Canon powershot G3 (prosumer cam). It can do about 1fps, but pics turn out useless. Even on fast memory cards. Cams that have internal buffers sometimes do a better job at continous shooting, simply because they don’t have too wait too often for the memory card to be accessable.

If you want to do all this well, I’d suggest at least a Nikon D50 dSLR (or equivalent) with 2 nice lenses and some ultrafast memory. As that outranges your budget by quite some, I presume we have to look for some other cam. Are there any features you can sacrifice?

Have a look at Sony DSC-W7 with a 1Gb card.

Another camera with looking at is Canon Powershot S70 but it’s a bit more expensive…

Both devices aren’t that bad, but I wouldn’t recommend either of them to the TS, as they both lack something quite important. The Sony only has 2 (!!!) aperture settings. That’s really really limiting, both for sports and landscape photography.
The Canon cam has a really slow autofocus system. This makes the cam hardly useable for sports photography.
(I know that it’s hard (impossible perhaps?) to get a good cam for this use at such a price)

I have to reccomend the Canon A620, 7.4 mega pixel and around $320US, excellent all around and uses the DIGIC II processor featured in Canon’s best cameras. It can also do video at 30fps, most cameras that do video are 15fps and its choppy.

Personally I’m a DSLR person.

how is olympus sp 500 uz:

will it do continuous shooting?
how is picture quality?
usage required for sports and landscape scenery?

Try reading some reviews:

I for one cannot reccomend Olympus, but apparently they have improved.


Strongly recommend the Fuji E550 and an excellent price from a reputable dealer here:

For $240 shipped - is a great camera - and the one that I got yesterday was ‘Made In Japan’ - even though the site says "Made In China’

6.3 megapixel - uses ‘AA’ batteries - abundance of aftermarket stuff on eBay like cases and downloading cradles - uses xD Photo card - and the site has them for $56 shipped (Fuji) for the 512mb (I got two)-
Camera is noted for its rapid recovery and sequential shooting - which gives you alot of bang for the $-