Digital cable and HDTV vs DVR recorder

I am currently subscribing to analog cable.

Thinking to upgrade to numeric cable with HDTV.

When I shop for a DVD recorder:

1- Is the signal (analog or digital) relevant?
2- Would any recorder works fine for HDTV?
3- Should I be concerned about the built-in TV tuner (analog or digital)

The DVD recorder I am considering is the Daytek DVR-950T

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Gaston Carmichael,
Gatineau, Quebec,

Keep in mind that if you do go to an HDTV setup then you will need a Digital converter box which will then make your DVD Recorder loose many of it’s capabilities.

If you try and record with the DVD recorder you will need to leave it’s tuner to either channel 3 or 4 and then tune in what you want to record on your Digital box and then you end up watching what your recording. (sorta defeats the purpose don’t ya think).

So while DVD Recorders are great devices when hooked up to regular “ANALOG CABLE” they don’t work well with HDTV so my suggestion to you is to download the manual for the Daytek recorder and read about how it would hookup to your current system and to an HDTV Digital cable system.

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1- Would I have the same issue with a Digital cable?

2- My cable provider (Videotron) is proposing a box that integrates the terminal and the recorder:

It seems that I will be better off with that kind of device?

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