Digital Audio Recordables

To the person asking about CD-R Audio discs, I would try the Memorex 30 CD-R spindle that says “Made in Japan” (Memorex Pro?) because they should be TY’s which are the best CD-R’s you can buy, IMHO. I have not bought them because I don’t have a standalone CD-R and I refuse to pay the royalty fees if I don’t have too. If you have a CD-R in your PC, you can verify if they are in fact TY’s, but the packaging I have seen for them says that they are Made in Japan and I believe that TY is the only MIJ blank CD-R, now. I could be wrong about the brand, it might be Maxell’s Pro discs, but if you go to a store and check out the label for the MIJ you’ll know which ones. :cool:

BTW, if your standalone CD-R has trouble with these discs, I would highly suspect the CD-R rather than the discs.