Digital Audio Recordable CD's/Best Brands?


What is the best, most problem free brands of “Digital Audio Recordable CD Blanks”, these are those special CD’s for “stand alone” CD Recorders (Non-PC Based)?

I’ve always had problems with my 2 stand alone (Non PC Based) CD Recorders one is by Philips the other is Sony, Sony is best so far, but even with the Sony recorder I have trouble getting the discs to record properly, they either have to be finalized too soon or not at all. And man am I pissed.

I’ve been using Sony Digital Audio Recordable CD Blanks in the box of 10, and Memorex in the boxes of 5, most of the time it works, but 1-3 in 10 screw up, they are expensive and I want to kill somebody.

What are some of the most bullet proof brands of Digital Audio Recordable CD Blanks to use with my Sony & Philips Stand Alone (Non-PC Based) CD Recorder?

Desperately Yours,

Randy Vaughn
Ramona, California


Randy Vaughn
Ramona, California

Wrong Forum.

What purpose are these cds used for?