Digital audio output

Ok, I am basically new at this, so I am going to try to make myself very clear because even me i dont understand myself.

I have an hp computer, which has coaxial audio and input jacks, I also have an 5.1 even 7.1 surround OUTPUT jacks in the same computer I guess is to create a surround. I also have an external subwofer which in the back has the 5.1 input jacks (those jacks are connected from the computer to the subwofer, I have tried them and when i do the speaker test i hear them all)

My problem is this, I wwant to hook up my PS3 to the computer so I can have a surround when playing ps3, the ps3 has an tunskin digital audio (not the coaxial, the otehr one) what i did I bought the two cables, the coaxial and the other, as ell as a converter digital to caoxial, and is hook up from the ps3 to the converter to the coaxial digital input in the back of the computer.

What i dont know and I have tried is to listen to whatever ps3 is playing listen to the speakers, and nothing, when i go to conrol panl in the computer I can see that I am getting sound from the ps3 but I cant listen.

Is there any way that I can make this work as I stated before do i need to configure something, is it possible???

Any help will be appreciated it.

Tank you

The digital jacks on the computer and PS3 are output only, not input.

The only input jacks on your computer is for the microphone.

no, the computer jack coaxial audio digital is input and output

My mistake, won’t be the last time I’m wrong about something.

I would guess that either there is a software problem, or more likely a problem in the cable conversion.

Buy a soundcard with dedicated optical jacks, or try another way of converting the optical source to coaxial.