Digital audio out to analog audio in

I just purchased a Samsung 8000 LED TV which only offers digital audio output (both the optical and wired). The Pioneer receiver I am using is so old it does not recognize digial audio format. Is there a converter box that converts DIGITAL audio TO ANALOG audio?
I am running a cable TV box, WII and PS3. I really do not want to run RCA cables from each box to the reciver. I already experienced one issue, the analog audio signal from the cable box is faster than the digital video signal to the TV…
We are moving in eight months and do not want to drop the $$ for a new surround sound setup until we are in our new home. Does anyone know a solution or workaround?

Thank you!

I think one of these two would do what you want.

This is the 2-channel stereo one:

This one says up to 5.1: