Digital audio connection for Pioneer DVR215 - how?

Digital Audio Connection to Pioneer DVR-215 - how?

Dear Good People of Freakville, I 've just purchased a Pioneer DVR-215 SATA combo drive. Nice specs except for the audio I read.

So I’m wondering how digital audio is connected from the 10pin (5 x 2 rows) block connector at the back of this thing? There’s no other audio connectors; no on board diagram; Pioneer have no images or data on their website. I can’t seem to find anything anywhere.

Has Pioneer dropped the digital audio connection, gone back to silent movies or just the “I” out of ‘Information Technology’? Or have I been living ‘that long’ with my old P4 ‘478’?

So what’s this new 10 pin thingy and how can I connect this to my 2-pin SP/DIF input on the vidio card for HDMI output, or the motherboard for that matter, or both? :rolleyes:

Under construction:
Mobo: Gigabyte EX38 DQ6
CPU: Q6600
RAM: 4GB Patriot RAM 4-4-4-12
Graphics: Gainward 9600 GT GS 1GB
HDD: Seagate 500GB 32MB cache
DVD: Pioneer DVR-215
PSU: 700W

Link to show image of rear connector


Dear Good People of Freakville,

I get it!!! With SATA DVD drives the audio connects via the data cable (audio and visual) and the 5 x 2 rows of pins are just leftovers from PATA drive assignment days.

So all I have to do is enable SP/DIF for the on board sound card and it all should work, including the video card? Right.

I just ordered one today.

Yes audio and video travels on the SATA cable. I have a Creative X-Fi Elite sound card and i run a digital coax cable from my SPDIF out of my sound card to the Digital in on my Klipsch controller. The cable was included with my Klipsch speakers. I wish my sound card had optical out. I would love to hear if it has better sound.