Digital-Audio Cable for DVR-108

I would like to find out where I can get a cable to connect the DVR-108’s 4-pin digital-audio terminal to the 2-pin digital-audio terminal of sound-cards such as the Audigy 2 ZS.

I found out that the 4-pin connector is not for digital-audio out connection: the Pioneer players do not support digital-audio out!

You don’t need in modern pcs with modern o/s, the sound will be carried by the eide cable as data so digital and processed by soundcard or onboard sound.

You dont even need to tick digital box in settings now as its default in the drives properties.

Isn’t the 4 pin the analog out and the 2 pin is the digital out?

That’s what i too think.

Yes but it not matter you not need any cables ever again.

The 108 doesn’t have a 2-pin connector, but instead has a 4-pin connector (in addition to the analog audio connector) purportedly for some factory-testing function, hence my confusion.