Digital 5.1 - No sound

Hi All,

I wonder if anyone could help with the following problem.

I have a Philips MX5800SA Home Theatre System with unfortunately only Digital Coaxial input. I purchased a Optical to Coaxial Converter because I wanted to connect my Xbox 360 as it only has an Optical out and at the moment I only have Pro Logic II coming out from the Home Theatre.

I have connected the Optical from the Xbox into the Converter and then the Coaxial lead from the out of the Converter into Digital IN on the system. When switched on there is no sound although my Philips system states that there is a signal. One strange thing is that I tryed Stereo setting on the Xbox just to see if anything happened and sound came through so I don’t think there could be something wrong with either the System or the Converter and if I take out the cable the LCD then states no valid signal.

I have all the settings correct on the Xbox 360 and the Philips system has been switched to AUX/D.I. Would anyone no what could be wrong?

In the settings of the Home Theatre under Digital Output it gives you the option to set it to - Digital ALL/PCM or off. I currently have it set to all but didn’t think this matters to much because thats the Digital out which I am not using, I am obviously only going in.

Could anyone please help, this systems quite nice but really wan’t to hear the 360 in 5.1 as apposed to Pro Logic II.

Thanks to all for any advise

Are you talking about games in 5.1? Are the games even in 5.1 audio to begin with? Have you tried a movie? Sure you have you Philips set up right? Have you tried another 5.1 source through that aux/di setting?


Hi there, I’ve tryed all the above and just can’t get any 5.1 sound. Its strange how the converter will allow Stereo sound through it but not the 5.1.

p.s - yes, all the games are in 5.1

If it works with stereo then it might be how your xbox is setup. Unfortunately, I don’t have an xbox 360 that I can troubleshoot with you. Your Xbox isn’t outputting the 5.1 stream to your system or else it would work IMO.