Digistor Blu-ray - disc surface



I got today a delivery of 25 digistor with MID TDKBLD-RBD-000.

When I opened the tray and checked the discs they appeared to ‘look’ not very promisiing.
I tried to make a photo - but it is very difficult. With flash you see nothing, without it is too blur.

My question - is it possible that blank discs will decrease in quality when storehouse + delivery company don’t store them well. (too wet, cold, temperature changes) or are the Digistor discs looking bad in generally.

Is it even possible that ‘Summer discs’ will offer a better quality than ‘Winter discs’?

I will have access to a bluray quality scanner only in one week - so I cannot check at the moment whether only the look or also the disc itself is bad.


If its a bad batch, digistor will surely replace it. contact them. where did you buy these from? amazon Europe? amazon us? the digistor.com site?


Amazon Europe - I will wait for the scans and decide then.
I bought from amazon.de - but they were shipped from the UK (by UPS).