Digilogic DVDRW2 - frequent short gaps


I have just bought a budget DVD recorder, from Tescos Supermarket in the UK. It all looks very satisfactory.

But when I tried a first recording, for real, I found on playback annoying short gaps, perhaps one second, in sound at least.

I was recording at its LP 3-hour setting & with its default 10-min chapter marks. When I checked I realised each chapter mark had such a gap. Sitting close to the machine I could hear it “struggle” at each chapter mark. Not all of the gaps are at chapter marks, there are perhaps as many again at other points.

But the real surprise is that when I played the DVD on my Dell laptop CDR/DVD combo drive, with an old InterVideo WinDVD, it plays without fault.

Also when I play a commercial DVD on the recorder, with frequent chapter marks, there are no gaps.

I recorded onto TDK 003 media DVD+R discs.

It looks as though the recorder struggles to play its own recordings well.

Surely that can’t be a common problem?

Maybe you should try with other media.