Diffrence LTR-48125W / LTR-48126S

does anyone know what the difference is betwwen these LTR-48125W / LTR-48126S. And does anyone have a bin to the LTR-48126S i would like to try to flash to it :slight_smile:

The difference is of course the 6 chipset instead of 5.

oh dang then im sure the 5 chipset drive will not be flashable to the 6 chipset drives bin file.

Nope, it will not be a successfull flash…

Are you sure
I think one is black face other is white face

sorry for the stuppid question. But how can I see which drive I posses the box tells me 48x12x48x but does not mention what chipset it has?

can I do some harm if I upgrade to the wrong firmware?

Open Nero, click the “Recorder”-tab and then “Choose recorder”.