Difficulty Using UDF File System

My first post so hope I do this correctly.
I have Nero and am trying to burn .VOB files which I have on my hard drive using the Burning ROM. The problem occurrs when trying to transfer the files into a ‘New’ compilation. No matter what Mode I chose from the drop down menu in the ‘New Compilation’ menu, ie. DVD Video, DVD-ROM (UDF) or DVD-ROM(UDF/ISO) I consistantly get the error message ‘The file ----.VOB is larger than 2GB — please use UDF file system’.
I eventually found the post in these forums which provided the linked Profiles for setting up the Burning ROM and thought all my prayers were answered. I have tried using both profiles offered but, no matter how I try am still getting same error message.
Could somebody please suggest what I’m doing wrong or, more to the point, what I’m not doing right before I tear the last bit of my hair out. Have I perhaps got a corrupted Nero although it has always burnt audio CDs fine for me so I don’t particularly want to go looking for different burning software.
Thanks to anybody who can help.:a

It has been a very long time since I used Nero 6, but it sounds like you are following the correct procedure. My suggestion would be to uninstall Nero, use the Nero clean tool to remove any traces of the program from the registry, then reinstall the program. You can find the clean tool here: http://www.nero.com/enu/support-nero6-tools-utilities.html

If that doesn’t work, ImgBurn is darn near bullet proof. You probably won’t like the interface, but it just works. It is also free to use. www.imgburn.com
Here is the guide for burning dvd-video to a single layer dvd with ImgBurn: http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=4632

By the way, when burning dvd video, you need the entire structure, which means you have to have the .ifo, .bup and .vob files within a Video_TS folder. Use the folder as the input.

By the way, when burning dvd video, you need the entire structure, which means you have to have the .ifo, .bup and .vob files within a Video_TS folder. Use the folder as the input.[/QUOTE]:iagree:
But with a correct DVD video structure, the size of a .vob is 1 GB or less.


^Ah, good point Michael. That one got by me. Vob files in dvd video are always 1gb maximum size.

Try letting DVDFlick convert the large .vob into smaller correct size .vobs .
Then burn the resulting DVD folder.
It can be set to autoburn with ImgBurn .
I don’t use it that way myself though.
Nero should also be able to burn the DVD folder.

Many, Many thanks for your interest folks. On reading the comments by Kerry56 and Michael I re-examined what I had done, particularly with ref to ‘all files should be 1GB or less’. I went back to DVD Dycrypter and did a bit of reconfiguring and ripped the files off the donor DVD again. Lo and Behold I had all the files and the max size was 0.99GB. Followed that on with DVD Shrink then to Nero Burning ROM and I’ve now got a DVD-RW that plays on my domestic player.
Promise that I own the original DVD and have a legit and logical reason for doing this but won’t bore you with details. So, thanks to you all again.
Is there any way I can mark this post as ‘Solved’ ?

Glad to hear that you got everything to work properly.

And don’t worry about making backups and discussing them here. We support people who wish to make backups of media that they own.

Now that the OP considers the problem solved & I didn’t want to confuse anyone with this.
A non DVD compliant set with one large .vob & the ,ifo & .bup can be burned to a DVD with ImgBurn & CloneDVD2 . I created one with DVDShrink .I had done it before But wanted to make sure it still worked.
I played this on two of my standalones with no problem .
This is Windows Explorer from the DVD disc: