Difficulty using QT "Video Converter"



After “clean reinstall”, of newly registered functionality - attempted conversion of .TS file still does not complete “analysis” of source media file, which was captured via Hauppauge WinTV7, it is 7Gb in size (may that be part of the issue?); ‘MediaInfo’ reported details of the source file is attached as “test.txt”


is this a unique issue?


I don’t have any TS files to test with .
What format are you trying to convert to?
I don’t have the converter but the DVD Ripper
is able to perform many of the same functions as the converter.
I have & prefer other converters. The DVDFab one hasn’t done very well for me .


[QUOTE=cholla;2628803]I don’t have any TS files to test with .

I think it’s probably the VIDEO_TS folder that’s being referred to and not a ‘.TS file’.



[B]@ Wombler …[/B]

nope, The difficulty I reports is with conversion of a .TS file (see the attachment above)


[QUOTE=ggroeller;2628898][B]@ Wombler …[/B]

nope, The difficulty I reports is with conversion of a .TS file (see the attachment above)[/QUOTE]

Ah right, sorry about that.



I don’t have DVDFab’s converter but DVD Ripper is supposed to do conversions also.
I have never tried with a .TS file as I don’t have any.

Since the “analysis” doesn’t complete I don’t know if DVDFab can convert the .TS file.
You should check it with VLC player to see if it will Play is on your computer.
If it doesn’t the file may be corrupt.

You may need to use different conversion software that will do the conversion.

Next time you might try this setting I found for your Hauppauge:
If yours has it. Probably an easier conversion.


actually I was looking to avoid using the WinTV internal conversion, which takes it’s sweet old time; and/or, rather, add another method to the toolbox to accomplish the task. VLC can play the TS file, and convert also … DVDfab ‘advertises’ the capabilty - which is why I have the impression that it was a size-related issue.

… thanks for the reply & suggestion, cholla


I’d avoid such manufacturer specific softwares…

I deal with many many recordings in TS (transportStream) and similar formats like TP and TRP etc pp.

[B]Mostly I use free tools like TSdemux and TSremux, also Xmediarecode and Vidcoder.[/B]
I dont use DVDFab for any conversion…

So, the question remains, what is your goal???


I tried the converters I have other than DVDFab but none produced a TS file that matched yours’. So I didn’t test DVDFab with those.
I assume that is the way Hauppauge WinTV7 created the TS file you posted the mediainfo text on.

Since chef has experence with this I would give the softwares he posted a try.

From what I’ve tried with DVDFab on conversions it would be one of my last choices.
Better to use it for copying DVD’s. Compressing to SL if needed. It does well at that.


Xmediarecode downloaded for trial; input/ouput options provided are extensive and it’s an impressive looking, clean & efficient interface - thanks again to chef for the suggestion.

Making ‘long story shorter’, if I can, the intent is to get all disc backups into .AVI format which I believe will result in a savings on the real-estate necessary for storage and becoming able be able to grab stuff out of the ether using the Hauppauge device / WinTV7 software and putting the data back into my preferred format. Seeing the ‘size’ of the WTV7 created .TS, and that DVDFab offered conversion of .TS “directly” to .AVI, I opted to add the registration for converter to the tool-kit. … it all renders down to getting a self-imposed task completed in less steps.

Didn’t say exaclty say “faster” through …