Difficulty splitting/backing up dvd with special features

I want to back up a dvd9 onto 2 dvd5’s.The dvd consists of main movie + several special features.I have done this with other dvd’s before no probs using clone dvd 3 by just stripping off the extras for the first backup disc,and stripping off the main movie for the second disc allowing a practical backup with no compression (or disc swapping during playback) neccesary. But this one which is called"VOLCANO HIGH"is a little different in that it has a bunch of cut scenes that you can view seperately or plug them back into there original place in the movie and watch the entire movie as it was before it was cut.It seems that when you select this option from the menu on the original dvd it rearanges the order of playback of the files to allow this.All title sets containing the files involved in the movie ie. uncut movie files and theatrical version movie files will not fit on one disc without compression.Also the cut scenes are grouped under a seperate title set to that of the theatrical version.The second problem is that they have included behind the scenes ie. " making of/documentary " type scenes on the disc but they can only be accessed by a link provided on screen during certain scenes in the movie which the particular “behind the scenes footage” type of scene relates to,eg during a particular fight scene in the movie a visible link appears in the form of a small red eye graphic in the top right hand corner of the screen and if you press the enter button on standalone dvd remote (or left mouse click on the graphic if playing on pc) then a scene is played wich shows how they actually shot/coreographed the fight scene. When that particular piece of footage is finished it returns to the normal movie.To make things more complicated these graphics/links also appear on some of the bonus scenes cut from the theatrical version of the movie.The movie can be watched as #1; The original theatrical version #2;The uncut version #3;The theatrical version including the “behind the scenes footage” links #4;The uncut version including the “behind the scenes footage” links.The scenes cut from the theatrical version of the movie can be played #1;one at a time #2;all together one after the other or #3; reinserted into the theatrical version of the movie to create a full uncut version of the movie.Of course there are also the standard interviews with cast and crew etc. which you get on just about every comercial dvd as extras these days.All of these special features are selected from the menu but as I previously mentioned the actual “behind the scenes footage” scenes can only be viewed by first selecting the link option from menu and then activating each individual link while watching movie in whatever format you have selected be it theatrical version or uncut version.I tryed stuffing arround sripping off different things here and there with clone dvd 3 by trial and error but to no avail. The split option on the interface simply could not be activated with this particular dvd,so I tryed the split option on the outdated dvdxcopy platinum which gave me an end product for disc #1 in which all versions of the movie ie cut, uncut and seperate option to view cut scenes independantly were all there. The uncut version of the movie seemed to finish about half way through when played and the theatrical version was complete, also when viewed independantly the cut scenes were all there as I remember.All of this was farely satisfactory however when the (behind the scenes footage) links were activated through the menu and the movie watched in this mode the link graphics appeared as normal but could not be activated. PLEASE HELP ME I am a tight ass, and dont want to pay exorbitant prices for dual layer media,nor do I want a crappy compressed version of disc.Basicaly it just pisses me off that I cant make it work, I am far to determined and stubborn for my own good, THERE MUST BE A WAY… SUGGESTIONS PLEASE!..thanx…

Try using DvD Shrink or Nero Recode.

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but yes, i second the dvd shrink notion. jjust keep in mind though that you can’t kepe menus when you reauthor. dvd shrink rules though for all the compression options that are available to you.