Difficulty Someone Help Me!

HELLO im new to this burining stuff but plz i need lots of help. I have clone cd and i just wanted backup of my game call of duty so i burned it and when i put my burned cd in it does not load but wen i put the original one in it oes load b4 it said there is a cd/dvd emulation drive (somtin like dat) so i deleted clone cd then i tried it and it still dont work but it dosnt say the emulation thing it just dosnt load! ive been tryin 4 so long could someone help me to get this to work out.
Thanks, plz respond soon!

First of all update to the newest CloneCD version which can be found at www.slysoft.com this should solve your ‘emulation’ message problem. Then read this Illustrated guide to copying SafeDisc 4 with emulation.

ok thanx but i got one more question why is it that after i uninstall clone cd the burn disc dosnt work anymore?

It’s an emulated copy which will just run when Hide CDR Media is enabled see tutorial. For a backup which doesn’t require any kind of emulation we need to know your hardware CD/DVD drives.

ok the copy protection is --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Call Of Duty
English U.S
Safedisc 3.10.020
Protected .exe

and my cd/dvd drive is Toshiba dvd-rom ok now can u plz help me get a workin backup

I meant your CDRW/DVDRW drives my fault… could you list them with brand and model?

im sorry but can u plz help me find out dat info how do i get to there?

I’m using NeroInfoTool for this which can be found here use InfoTool.exe and you’ll get all the information you need and can post it here.

ok it is toshiba dvd-rom sd-r5112 type dvd-r/rw combo drive read speed 40x write speed 16x

Maybe it’ll work with your Toshiba I read that they’re good for SafeDisc backups. So using CloneCD you should get SafeDisc (1/2/2.51) - no AWS profile and follow the description on how to setup your profile at the top of the thread. The only difference will be instead of Elaborate Bytes search for SlySoft and I would recommend using slow speed like 4x or 8x for reading and writing. If you’re running your backup from a CDRW/DVDRW drive and not a ROM drive you’ll need to ‘hide’ ATIP or simply use a ROM drive. This can be done by using Hide CDR Media. I hope it works, good luck.