Difficulty erasing individual files on CD RW disk

I have written data files to a CD RW disk via Windows XP

However it won’t let me erase individual files. I get a message stating that the file I tried to erase is ‘read only’. I need to be able to just erase certain files however, without erasing the whole disk

Is there a way around it, without using third party software, because I need to share the data on the disk with other people who won’t have the third party software on their computers ?

I think the only way to do it would be to copy it back to your hard drive, erase the files you don’t want and re burn.Don’t know of any software that can erase individual files .

thanks for the reply, I will have to go the long route then !

A RIGHT Click n DELETE should do it, unless U Burnt it as a DAO…If that Don’t work, try Properties of the DVDRW n untick Read Only, then Click Delete…If that Don’t work, Perhaps You can Explain a little clearer how you Burnt that DVDRW…
As Regards useing Windows XP Burning Progy, if that’s what you used, it Sucks…Just My Honest Opinion OK…
Use Nero or someother Burning progy instead…Good Luck…

I’m with Bamo in that I don’t know of a prog that allows individually deleting. Whenever I’ve dealt with RW I’ve only ever had the option of a full erase, which makes sense since a CD burns inside out, each file right after the other, to delete an individual file would be to erase a part of that track and would cause all sorts of problems, which is why the erase all is the more common option.