Difficulties with using Sonic RecordNow 6.5.3

Sonic RecordNow is one of the worst bundled w/ computer programs ever. According to the tutorials and faqs I should be able to burn image files. However if I select the backup project, there is no option image burning. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

I’ve never been this angry with a computer program before. I just wanna smash the installation cd for RecordNow into a million pieces.

i dont use it so cant say ,however it might be a good idea to have a look in the help file & version history online if available

It may be in a different project, like Copy disc or something like that. I haven’t used Sonic RecordNow, though, so this is just a suggestion.

IIRC that’s exactly it - it’s tucked away under “copy disc” or one of those other projects.

Personally I think Prassi should never have sold RecordNow, but they have a new product out (browse around here for the announcement) so that might be worth trying now.