Difficult DVD rip - MST3K Mitchell



Hello everyone,

I consider myself a fairly experienced ripper and this is the first DVD to give me any troubles ripping. DVD Decrypter identifies it as having some sort of structure protection, but I have never had problems before even when seeing this flag. My first step is always DVD Decrypter and I have the latest version and it can’t get past all the read errors even with “ignore read errors” selected. I then tried the latest VOBblanker and AnyDVD with still no luck. The disc does appear to have some scratches on the read surface, and maybe it is those and not the protection giving me problems. Just wanted to let everyone know and also let me know if there are any other ripper tools that are useful.

DVD: Rhino’s “MST3K Mitchell” DVD


LIGHTNING UK! responded to this post here saying that the “ignore read errors” option is not required for this kind of problem. If this is a new disc then you’d probably be best exchanging it for a new copy.