Difficult Challenge - Acura Navigation DVD




I’m a complete newbie to DVD burning so try not to beat me senseless :slight_smile: I’m not sure if it is a hardware question or a software question or both. I’ve found in several forums people had tried and so far have all failed to make a copy of the Acura NAVI DVD. I figured if anyone would be able to master it, it would be someone from this group. Please let me know if you’ve succeeded. I don’t know squat about backing up DVDs so I’m wondering based on the posts if it is a combination of using the right software and making bit setting or somewhat hardware specific changes to make it happen. They make 2.20 and 3.40 - I would like 2.20 if that even matters :slight_smile:






Can you please suggest how can i get software for Acura MDX 2003 orange disc? My Navigation DVD was stolen from the car


See this thread.



I suspect what you are asking is akin to asking for a copy of [U]any[/U] commercial software as your purchased copy was stolen.

It seems you have several options:

  1. Will your insurance company replace it (with or without a deductible)?

  2. Assuming you registered your purchase with the navigation vendor, have you contacted them for a replacement?

If neither option will work, what you are asking for of this forum is against the rules.

Philamber: Thanks for the clarrification.


My first reply is directed to the original post. As to the second post, the reply of jeff53404 pretty much sums up your options.