Different versions of securom v3(...)?

Hi people…ummmm i only wants to know if anyone had had problems with any version of securom and plextor 24x. I had a lot of problems with soccer manager and etherlords ( spanish version) which were from Jowood. The hd image always works but when putting into a cd…nothing…
I was wondering about warcraft III which seems to have this same securom version. Okay, i tried it with last cloneCD and a personal settings and i can’t believe…it works…always and everywhere!!!(tested on a toshiba 1402). i have no oportunity to try it with the other games but will give a try…maybe this settings did the miracle?

The only i did is do not ticking READ AUDIO SUBCHANNEL DATA in the WRITER profiles.and…of course…don’t repairing subchannel data when writting…maybe this settings in the WRITER could give that result?

i haven’t tested on the other games but will try soon. Aany suggestion accepted …thanks!

Ummmm, okay don’t know if this can help but i found ummmm some things strange about this “new version”. It can be a fooled thing but…the result is that one works and the other not. “uncopyable” games with this type of protection are warcraft III, disciples II, soccer manager and etherlords…all of them spanish versions as many suposse and all of them with securom (DADC mark in the cd and .dll files in the windows folder)
First i must say i have a plextor 24x with 1.04FW and tried all of them with cloneCD with various result.

Then, let’s proceed.

I made a backup from all this games i mentioned and only warcraft seems to work everywhere and always…why?..don’t know, only know about the common things the not working backups have.
If u see the warcraft copy in the reflective zone…then, u can observ a constant color along the track. ( i used blank cds with golden layer). In the other hand, if u take ANY ( all of the non-working backups have the same “property”) of the others backups…then something strange appears in the reflective zone…the color of the track isn’t constant along the track.
It has three colors very visible in three zones of the written layer and this is a COMMON caracteristic on all this cds. From darken to darkless beginning in the track start, those colours are not quite normal in any burning. I recorded all of then at max speed and with differents programs and all of then have this in the backups, that, of course didn’t worked. My question is…can this be something important?

I will try those games again with the warcraft profiles because i did something unusual to read and write it…

Any suggestion?


The version of Securom apparently changes with each new patch released. Take for example the NWN 1.21 patch which changed the protection scheme. It really does suck that they can do that. Maybe you can install the 1.0 version for your games and then try running the securom profiles for it.