Different versions of DW1620?




What is the difference between the DW1620 Pro and DW1620 DVD+/-RW DL?


The easiest way to describe the difference is :
Pro version - equipped with 4x DL burning firmware
Non-Pro version - 2.4x DL burning

But the hardware is essentially the same so you can cross-flash between them. Some people suggested that Pro version has a stricter quality control.
I remember such an arguemet also existed between NEC 2500 and 2510. Well… who knows?


Correct me if I’m wrong, but this drive will come with a G7XX bios because it is OEM and I will need to “cross-flash” to the retail version B7XX?


Yes :wink:



Will I need to download and run the booktype_management_v8.3 to set the book type of DVD+R to DVD-ROM?


No, the default is DVD-Rom. So if you decide “not to bitset”, you need it.


BTW, there is a version 8.4 of Booktype management out. :wink:




Ohh I was not aware that default is DVD-ROM. Is this the same for DVD+R DL?


Yes, if I remember correctly, the default book type for DVD+R DL discs is also DVD-ROM.



Regards, :slight_smile: