Different versions of BenQ DW1620?

Hi, I was just about to buy a BenQ DVD burner (DW1620), but there are like 5 different versions and im not sure which one to buy. What are the differences between them? There is:

DW1620 OEM
DW1620 RTL
DW1620pro bulk


I just want one the best one (in black), and one that comes with the B firmware…
Please help :confused:

RTL means a retail-packaged drive. It comes in a colorful box, safely packaged, with some software on a CD, and four mounting screws.

A bulk drive does not come in a box, unless it’s packaged in a plain white/brown box by the distributor or the retailer selling it. Bulk drives have different plastic bezels without the BenQ logo.

The suffixes have the following meaning:
-0C0 beige, retail, with an additional black (bulk) bezel
-0C1 beige, bulk
-0C2 beige, retail
-0C3 black, bulk
-0C4 black, retail

You can see the difference between retail and bulk drive bezels here:
[retail] http://www.8080.net/pics/7211753000.jpg
[bulk] http://www.watch.impress.co.jp/akiba/hotline/20040807/image/bbq3.jpg

The hardware is identical for all DW1620 and DW1620 Pro drives.

Retail drives come with B firmware, bulk drives - with G firmware. You can crossflash bulk drives with the B firmware using WinDWFlash.

Again, the hardware is identical, so besides the black vs. beige bezel color the only important distinction is in the retail vs. bulk bezel appearance, if you care about such things.

Thanks for the help, now I know to get the DW1620-0c4.