Different types of speeds for 80-wire ATA UMDA cables?



Hi all, I just bought an ATA UMDA 80 wire cable that supports up to 66Mbps. My new burner is a Pioneer DVR-A09XL and in the specs it says that the Host Interface specification for Ultra DMA Mode 4 has a max of 66.6 (heh heh) Mbps. My question is, would getting a faster cable such as one that supports 100 or 133 Mbps be “better” or does it just not matter?

Thanks in advance!


It shouldn’t make a diffrence as you are not going to be transfering anything from or to your dvd drive that fast. 16x is only about 21mb/s if I am not mistaken and most drives cannot even do a burst much faster than 24mb/s. Just out of curosity, where exactlly did you buy a new ata66 cable? I havent seen anything less that ata 100 is sale in stores for a while?


the Pioneer 109/A09 and Plextor PX-716 can both operate in UDMA4 and reach burst rates of 40-45MB/s when reading a pressed single-layer DVD-ROM. that being said, an ATA66 cable is more than sufficient for this.


I got the ATA66 cable at Fry’s Electronics in Burbank, CA. Only $8 :wink:
Anyway, the Pioneer can do double layers, but it didn’t mention a higher speed thatn the one I mentioned above.

Thanks for the help!