Different types of 1640

Looking for the best one. If there are different types of 1640s tell me the diff between them. This will be my first DVD dirve so I trying to get the best.

Also if you have a different opinion for my first drive give a holla’ in not help me out with the different type of 1640s.

Oh yea, :cool: :cool: :cool: don’t be a wise ass and say “The different types are some are black and others are beige and they even have a silver one”

Made in Malaysia with any manufacture date seems to be preferred… If you get one Made in China, try getting one manufactured from August 2005 as they seem to have corrected a read issue in some of the earlier ones…

Besides color, location of manufacture, date of manufacture, larger eject button on the OEM, BenQ name on the retail version, the OEM version being less expensive… they are the same functionally here in the USA.

I have heard that the retail version has some screws or other such installation hardware and twice as long a warranty (2 years) but I haven’t confirmed that since I am quite happy with my OEM.

the only “different” type of 1640 I know of is the Plextor branded 740, a BenQ DW1640 with Plextor’s name on the box and with Plextor’s own modified firmware that some have said is less functional than BenQ’s. The Plextor 740 also costs a good deal more (>double).

I’ve heard this also when I was going to get it earlier this year, but some stuff came up and I wasn’t able to get it. Now I want it again from thinking about getting the Pioneer 110 but that one didn’t to the booktype bitsetting. And now I’m definitely gonna get the 1640.