Different type of 3550 problems lately



I have two 3550’s in one computer and two 2510’s in another. Besides the fact that one of the 2510 trays has problems opening and closing, they both still read and burn great. My 3550’s on the other hand are less than a year old and are acting up lately. While everyone seems to have problems burning or reading a burned disc with them, mine do both of those great. My problem started as one of the drives struggling to read a master copy of some movies and now reads very few at all. Says no disc in drive. The other went from reading fine to not reading a master copy of any movie at all. Anyone have a clue as to why niether one will read a master version of any movie, but read everything else fine and still burn anything great? I have tried several different firmwares and nothing has changed.

Thanks in advance


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What exactly do you refer to as a “master copy” of a DVD movie? :confused: - is it the original DVD, or a first copy? If so, how exactly was this copy produced, with what ripping app, with what burner or standalone recorder, on what media (brand, model) etc…?

Please give as much precisions as possible when asking for help, no one has a magic crystal ball :wink:


Sorry, by master copy I meant my store bought original. One of my 3550’s will not see any original DVD and the other only sees about 1 in 20. If I open any ripper program such as ripit4me or shrink or dvd decrypter, they always say there is no disc in the drives. If I open windows explorer, it shows nothing in the drives as well. My old 2510 drives still open and read any disc in them, but one of them is getting horribly loud when running, gives a few seek errors regularly and the tray sticks when opening and closing so I know they are on the way out. I just don’t understand why my 3550’s are having problems with only original DVD movies. They will read any other type of disc fine. I’m not sure if there are any other types of specifics I can give to help with the problem. It does not seem software related as all software gives the same errors, it only happens on original DVD’s and is only common to my 3550 drives. They work great at everything else. At first I thought they might be dirty, but why would it only stop reading an original DVD and read any other type of disc fine?

Thanks again.


Well my first drive up and died today. It still is recognized by Windows, but does not read or write any disc. The second is still sketchy about DVD’s. I guess it is headed south as well. They are exactly the same age and have been used almost the exact same amount. I haven’t been nearly as happy with the 3550’s as I was the 2510’s so I think I’ll be trying a different brand now.


2 drives in a raw???.. INVESTIGATE [B]PSU[/B]!

I had many drives fried by bad PSUs, changed PSUs for quality ones, no more fried drives.

In case you also recently had HD issues (file corruption, crashes) or video issues (display corruptued, freezing), look no further, your PSU is good for the trash. It’s actually a very, very common issue, sadly often overlooked. :frowning: (Thanks again, BTW, to [B]Dee-27[/B] for the heads up :flower: ).


I’ve had no other issues with the computer besides the two drives. Computer runs great. It actually runs all the time non stop. 965EE overclocked to 4050. The PSU is the Rosewill RP600S-2MK. It’s my 4th Rosewill PSU and I’ve never had any problems with them yet. The computer itself never crashes, locks, hangs, freezes or anything odd. All the rails appear stable and well within spec according to software. What kind of lifespan should I expect out of the drives assuming the PSU didn’t cause the issue? I’ve probably burned about 300 movies on each one and maybe 100 or so cd’s on each. Could the drives be dirty enough to make them not see discs when inserted or is not seeing discs a symptom of something more serious? Thanks for the help.


I stand corrected. The PSU is a JustPC 600W. I’m not sure why or how I bought it, because I have been happy with and using the Rosewill PSU for a while. I checked voltages and they were all good and stabe except the _12 Volts It bounces from 11.89 to 11.94. I unplugged the dead 3550 and it now is bouncing between 11.94 and 12.06. I checked the voltages on another computer running a Rosewill and they are all rock solid. The 12v checks in at 12.10 with no fluctuation on it. Does the power supply sound like the problem or are the drives worn out? Thanks again for the help.


I’m not technically savvy enough to judge of the fluctuations that you mention, so I can’t answer this question. :frowning:

or are the drives worn out?
Sounded like they could have been damaged by the PSU. Now to check if they are still OK or not, simply test them in another machine… :wink:


I tried the one that won’t read at all in my other computer this morning and it still doesn’t work. That one is definitely garbage. I’m sure the other is heading south. I’m gonna look for another power supply too as I don’t think this one is very good. I also think I’m going to try a different brand of burner. I’ll probably go with the LG this time. I’m just not feeling this whole Optiarc business.


I’ve been hesitating between the new 7170/73, that seem to get back to good old NEC burning quality (but with the usual PIF re-linking spikes), and the LG H22N. If the 7170/73 would have performed better as PIE/PIF scanners, I would have gone for it, but considering they’re looney scanners I finally decided for the LG.

I’m really surprised at the amount of threads asking for help with the 3550 (can’t read discs, can’t burn discs, etc…) : the 4550 has the same hardware, so why are there less calls for help with it? :confused: - anyway mine is a very robust drive, never a single issue (but I don’t like its burning quality at all, except @4X).


Hmmmm. If scanning is so important to you, why did you get an LG drive then? I’m not sure if this has changed, but to my knowledge LG drives cannot scan at all.


Hi Liggy :slight_smile:

I understand the confusion, so I’ll rephrase. :iagree:

Both drives have their merits, but I already have had several NEC drives but no LG as yet.
Burning-quality wise, the H22N seems to have an edge over the 7170/73.
So [I]if[/I] the 71710/73 had been consistent/usable scanners, this would have made me disregard the small plus in burning quality from the LG, and I would have gone for the NEC because I like having several scanning units to compare different results.

But as these new NECs can’t scan properly (just as the previous models actually, in my book only the 3540A is a usable scanner), I had not much reason to choose it over the LG, which is cheaper BTW.

Is that clearer? :slight_smile:

I’m not bashing NEC drives here, BTW. I’m impressed with the burning quality of the 7170/73, and changed my mind only [I]in-extremis[/I], mainly because no 7170/73 was available in my area when I decided to buy a 18X burner si I investigated alternatives.


I’m really confused now. I swear I read a sticky or thread that broke down DVD burners into what they were good at and the LG was on the quality burns list. Of course, like everything my wife touches, I can no longer find the thread or sticky. I probably did the stupidest thing anyways and went with the Samsung 183 SATA drive. I guess I believe in SATA over IDE and believe that it will work good. We’ll see. I also bit the bullet and shelled out some cash for a good power supply. I went with the Corsair (Seasonic) 620W model. I couldn’t find a bad thing about it. Every test I read showed excellent data that seems better than a comparable Seasonic, but with the efficiency that Seasonic is known for. Either Seasonic has stepped it up a notch or Corsair required them too as part of the deal. I guess I pushed my luck with those midrange power supplies one too many times. I am still extremely happy with the three Rosewill’s I have in other computers, but it was time to stop bargain shopping.