Different sound Levels when burning Audio

I burnt a Audio cd using Feurio 1.66. The problem is, some songs have higher sound level than others. How to make the sound level of all the songs sound the same?

need more details - did you burn from mp3? cd-to-cd? wav?

The practice of adjusting sound levels of tracks to a relatively consistent level is called normalizing.

Feurio has normalizing features in the Track Editor under Extra | Adjust Audio (Whole Project). Click on the help button for an explanation of settings.

Feurio editor is non-destructive, so you can change volumes as you wish and if you come back to 100% the file will be the same. (well, in fact the file is never changed)

You can change volumes manually in the Wave Player’s “Adj. Amplitud” box.
Also in the Track Editor’s “Ampl.” box.
Feurio is great to change volumes manually: Zoom -> Whole Project, and adjust volumes while you hear the tracks. (Stop and Play to hear the changes).
It’s not so great to change volumes automatically. It’s based on peaks, instead of average volumes.

It’s very easy to normalize audio ( at least what I do with WAVs ) using EAC :

–> Tools -->Process WAV… -->Sound Processing -->Process File -->Normalize -->Normalize Level

Otherwise in Sound Forge 6 :

–> Process -->Normalize

If you want a dedicaded program to do this, use Mp3Gain. According to audiophiles it’s the best so they say…).

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WaveGain is what you want for cd/wav audio.

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