Different results

I’ve being getting different burning quality results with my batch of 50-pack ritek go4’s. Or maybe it is a result of using different versions of kprobe.
This was my first burn with the first ritek disc using nero

My second one was http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=103241 which was burnt with dvd decrypter

My third one was this one, although i changed the media code to the mxl rg03 so i could burn at 8x.

The next picture is the same disc as the third one, except i had modfied the 812s to 832s. Why is it different results, although same disc?

It seems that my first disc was the best quality out of them all. I’m gonna try burning with my now 812s–>832s and see what’s it like (using the mxl rg03) and maybe revert back to the normal media code if it is a better quality.
Anyone suggest another media code i should use to burn them at 8x? the ritek g06?

If scan 3 & 4 is an 8x burn using rg03 then I would stick with that one. It’s excellent…