Different reaults/same disk,same everything

I wonder why the results are so much different when I am only changing the scanner. BenQ DW 1640 BSLB/Lite-on DH 20A4P 9P54. It seems like Lite-on doesn’t allow pif’s over 3.

 Which scanner do you think is more accurate.

 BTW: I have more scans to backup my accusations or questions or whatever  


It seems like when the disk is better the scans are closer

LiteOn is 1ECC scanner while Benq 1640 is 8ECC one .
Standard scanning speed for your 20A4P is 4X and for Benq 1640 it is 8X .
LiteOn will only show max 2 PIF for very good discs while Benq could show up to 8 max PIFs