Different part # for the nec1100a on pricewatch

decided to buy the NEC 1100a and was doing some shopping at pricewatch .com , I noticed that there are 3 or 4 different part # used to describe the same device buy different companies selling these drive ,I want to buy the latest model can any body tell me whatt the latest model to buy if there is a differences , and what the most compatible media to use …thanks

(dont care if its a bare drive no software model already have software )

Well you want a NEC-ND1100A, their are some variations of the drive out their for example IO Data in Japan have their own version of the drive, Pextor sell their version as the P504A and Dell ship a version of the drive with their machines.

The only one’s I’ve seen for sale branded as NEC are the retail and Bulk OEM drive.Just look for the ND-1100A and you’ll get the right drive.

Also I’ve used TDK,Verbatim and Smart Buy DVD+R/RW media with no trouble whatsoever, if that’s any help.