Different Nero6 versions



Hello - i’m planning to go back to Nero6, there’s nothing i really need in 7 and i find it uses more resources than 6.

First thing is complete removal of 7 - i will use the General clean tool - but there is also a Nero7 clean tool - does it matter which i use?

Also - what was the last version of Nero 6?

On the Nero site there is v6.6.1.15 in the downloads section but i remember higher versions - if you go to nero.com -> products -> Nero 6 Ultra edition -> Product information - it says Current Version Number:

but as i said before the download link is for version ???

I’m also sure i’d hjeard of a Nero - perhaps i was dreaming???

#2 is the latest. Just came out this week or so.
There is another thread on cdf that says this latest version will go auto from Shrink to Nero, if that is of interest to you.

Id use the specfic clean tool.

Also, to the extent you care, Nero 7 is the only version compatible with Vista, at least as of now.


If you are removing Nero 7 and going back to 6, I would use Nero 7 Clean Tool.
Most people will agree that is the best “time proven” version of 6 there is. Don’t know about the newest version, it hasen’t been out long enough to tell. You can download here.


From what Ive read on both this forum and another forum, folks seem happy with the new version. But your right, is a time proven version, and up till now was the latest 6 version to go auto from Shrink to Nero.


Just thought of 1 thing that is different in 7 to 6 that i use.

When using recode to go to nero digital there is a fit to disk option and just below this there are various sizes

Under 7 there were also profiles for portable, mobile and so on. Not sure if it makes much difference.
I use Nero to make vids for my pda as i can crop and resize in recode whereas the other video encoder apps i know of, like Super won’t crop/resize for me - just convert.