Different Nero Question



I have this problem using Nero when I burn a playstation game. The game is Vigilante8 2nd offense. When it begins the “analyzing cd” routine, it just spits it out saying that it failed. Most playstation games are Mode2 (audio and data), Vigilante 8 has mode2 and it has 14 separate audio tracks. I also tried CDrWin (yes my burner is supported) and I don’t have a cracked serial for CDrWin. Does Nero have a problem extracting Audio?
When I use CDrWin, my computer just freezes, using Nero, it just fails analyzing. One last thing, it seems that these programs have a hard time reading Mode2 and Audio Tracks. Is there a workaround for this problem? I have burned about 25 PsX no problems but then again they didn’t have separate Audio tracks. My burner’s a Philips CDRW404k… Thanks for your help


A quicky:

I once had the same prob, then i used Win oncd 3.6 power edition and all the probs were over…

So maybe you try it to?

hope it helps.

i still believe…do you??


I copied it with Nero and it works fine.