Different media burn speeds

We are using Pioneer 110. My Memorex -r 16x and +r 4x burn great using Clonedvd 2. However I bought Memorex -r 8x and keep getting media write error. Why is this happening? I am fairly new to this DVD burning and have had great success with Memorex almost 30 movies. Yes this is a big deal to me, my sons are quite proud of me. I just bought Sony -r 8x on sale at Future Shop and will try these, but my main question is why are the burners picky about the media and what do I do with media that doesn’t burn as this can be quite expensive. Thanks

It’s a combination of the burner and the drive. Some media is just low quality, and the best burner in the world isn’t going to produce a good result with it. Also, drive manufacturers optimize write strategies for certain media, with Pioneer drives working best with DVD-R media from Japanese developers/manufacturers (Hitachi-Maxell, Mitsubishi, Taiyo Yuden, and TDK). I’d stay away from Memorex if I were you and stick to Verbatim. Memorex uses a variety of manufacturers’ discs and you don’t know what you’re going to get, whereas Verbatim DVD media is always going to be Mitsubishi media.

Hi elfmom and welcome to the forum! I would suggest a few things. First trying to figure out why one brand (or spindle) of media works fine on a given burner and another doesn’t is an excersize in futility. Some combinations work and others don’t.Second, don’t buy a huge amount of an unknown quantity (even if they are on sale!) unless they can be returned.
Third, READ these forums. Especially the one titled MEDIA. You can learn a lot.
Good luck and happy burning!

Yup, I’d like to agree with what Two Degrees wrote. :clap: