Different LVW-500X User's Manuals

OTR info is not in all manuals,
It depends on the date of the manual you have. It was not in my origional manual from June 2004 it was in a second manual I received with a RMA. Most of the time when a user receives a replacement unit it will not come with a new manual.
Thought I was loosing it the 2 manuals are not the same.

Manual P/N 7819900610 (old) (no OTR info on page 15) (33 pages0
Downloaded Manual (no OTR info on page 15) (downloaded today)
Manual P/N 8719900610A (new) (OTR info on page 15) (34 pages)

P/N number on the back cover

Correct new user’s manual for 5005 can be downloaded from:


The manual that came with my Sept 04 5005 Part # 7819900610A has it listed as well as the manual in the link CCRomeo listed which has a later date than the link I listed. So if you have an earlier than at least Sep '04 I would download this manual. I had the link from Jan 04 but the pics I posted were from the 9-22-5 edition I downloaded to my desktop. I also just got the latest manual from the link CCRomeo posted it has a February 2005 date.

Thanks CCRomeo !!!