Different kind of jumpy movie issue



OK…this was my first copy of a movie. I used DVD Encrypter to copy Pulp Fiction to my hard drive. I wasn’t even planning on burning this to a DVD. I was just going to keep it on my hd for a trip so that I wouldn’t have to take my only copy of the DVD with me. It seemed to work fine on my Dell laptop (Inspiron 1100), but when I went into Windows Explorer and double clicked one of the files that was created, it opened in WinDVD and the movie was very jumpy. However, If I watch this movie on my laptop it appears fine. So it had to be the copying software, or something else that I am unaware of (which encompasses an awful lot at this point). Can someone help me or guide me to someplace that will educate me? Thanks very much in advance!



Shut down all applications running in the background and use the SAME version of the DVD playback software. Also make sure DMA mode is enabled for the DVD ROM drive under Device Manager.