Different Hardware revision for 716A drives shipping with 1.05 FW?

Did anybody else wonder what changes Plextor made that prevents 716A drives shipped with 1.05 firmware from being flashed to an earlier version?

If the hardware revision is the same per the TLA number - e.g. TLA#0305, then shouldn’t the drive be identical to a TLA#0304 upgraded to 1.05 FW?

It makes be suspect that the firmware flash chip is somehow different…

Does anybody know the reason?


Who said that there is a reason for it? :wink:

:bigsmile: Yes, maybe “reason” was a bad word. I guess I’m interested in the “cause” or “physical difference” that precludes the possibility of flashing back. Mainly because this would indicate that Plextor IS tweaking the hardware between hardware revisions, without assigning a new revision.

However, taking your point more literally, perhaps Plextor has crippled the 1.05 firware shipping with those drives to prevent people from going back to prior versions, maybe to reduce support calls? I suppose that would be a reason too, however convoluted!


Plextor PX712 and PX716 support requesting the TLA version (PxScan demonstrates how to read the TLA version from the drive), so a flasher could easily check for TLA #0305 and refuse to flash below 1.05 if such a TLA is found.

Don’t try to understand Plextor Japan’s marketing departement…

its just like any firmware… the best stable version is used as the basis since its been made its now 05 before it could have been 04 etc

they will limit it bc older firmwares have more problems

LiteOn did a similar thing with the 52327S - Above the 58? revisions you can’t use earlier firmwares, but with that it was discovered that they’d junked the EEPROM and made all the stuff that used to be stored in EEPROM stored in the Flash (i.e. cost cutting). The fact that the whole Flash area was used different was a good reason why you couldn’t flash back :wink: