Different DVD dye types?

In the CD arena, we’ve heard a lot about the distinct dye types, but I haven’t been able to find any equivalent on DVDs. Many different DVD brands I have all have the same purple color. To add to the confusion, I also saw the post regarding some MCC/Verbatim models possibly being TY although in the photograph, the packaging has the Azo logo on it. I also have MCC DVD+Rs that also have the Azo logo, but it’s also the same purple color as the others.

All of this is leaving me very confused :confused: . Are there really different dye types, or are they all the same? If the dye types are different, is the nature of a recordable DVD dye such that they can’t be distinguished from each other visually (i.e. The Azo on DVDs are not blue, no cyanine green or phalocyanine-on-gold/silver)?

If anyone can point me to any info out here in cyberspace that can help clear some of this up, I’d appreciate it greatly.

Thanks in advance!

I have found an answer for you, read this: http://www.itl.nist.gov/div895/carefordisc/CDandDVDCareandHandlingGuide.pdf

On the page 16 is written:
The dyes used in CDs and DVDs are the same basic types; those used in DVDs, however, are patented by the manufacturer, and the disc color does not indicate the type of dye used.

Well, that’s at least something… :rolleyes:

Thanks for the reply. That document incidentally makes a great general-purpose reference.

I tried asking this question in another thread
but no luck there either.

Since the original post, I’ve received a snail-mail advertisement for MAM-A Gold archival DVD-R’s so they have finally arrived on the market. They emphasize the gold reflective layer, but not a peep about the dye they use…