Different Drive Models in 5005 - Different Problems?



I have been trying to understand why some users have serious problems with their 5005 series machines while others don’t. The most serious problem tends to be described as “won’t recognize media”, “disk fail message” or “won’t finalize”. Several members of this forum have experimented with replacement of the DDW series drive with a “stock PC DVD burner”. As best as I can determine, this replacement has solved the “drive related” problem 100% of the time.

I wondered why I have had relatively minor problems. So I started analyzing alot of the postings in this forum and thought I would post what the data seem to imply.

First, there are at least 3 distinct drive models being used in the 5005 series machines.

DDW411s - designated as F2SC in the internal serial number.
DDW451s - designated as G2BD in the internal serial number.
DDW813s - designated as either B205 or B208 in the internal serial number.

The difference between B205 and B208 is as follows.

B205 is the DDW813s drive before implementing drive FW update.
B208 is the DDW813s drive after implementing the drive FW update file.

From what I can tell.

DDW813s (B208) drives seem to have the most problems.
DDW813s (B205) seem to have some problems.
DDW451s (G2BD) appear to have some problems but less than the 813s drives.
DDW411s (F2SC) drives have some reported problems but are not as common as the others.

This is not scientific. There are a lot of problems reported in this forum where the drive model is not identified. If a large portion of these problems were DDW411s drives, then none of the above makes sense. It could also be that many more units were manufactured with the 8x drives. But very few people seem to be troublefree with a DDW813s (B208) drive. Many of these same folks had minimal problems when their drive was listed as (B205).

The mainboards in the units could also be related since again there are different versions reports. Some 5005 have boards marked 5001, 5005A, 5005B and 5006A. But this does not explain why the problems seem to disappear when a PC drive is instaled. Unless it takes time for the mainboard to “wearout” the drive.

I would be interested to here from users that have the different drives to see if my logic holds up. Also are their other drive models or variants involved that I have not identified.

Finally, this is clearly a problem Liteon needs to address. They should be supplying tools for users to troubleshoot their drives, backup FW and revert drives and systems back to earlier FW versions. If none of that works, they should have a drive replacement program established similar to how the hard drive manufacturers have addressed the issue. You run the diagnostics, get a code and then everyone knows if there is or isn’t a problem.


Is it possible that the B208 drives show more problems than B205 only because the folks likely to post here are also likely to do the firmware upgrades, so that by the time their drives start failing they already have the newer firmware?

There’s also a G2B9 firmware for the 451S drive.

And I do agree it sounds like there’s a design issue that Liteon should be addressing…


The g2b9 f/w is the one previous to g2bd (which is what you’ll get after the latest drive update from liteon for the ddw-451s in the 5005)


This is exactly the kind of feedback I was hoping my post would generate. So the 451s drive has also had a FW update. It is possible the 411s drive had a FW prior to F2SC, but I have not seen an update posted on Liteon’s site.

JM1647, how long ago was the 451s drive update? Was your machine working well for a long time after the update? Or did your problems start shortly thereafter?

Afecu, I agree that it is equally possible to be an “ageing” problem as it is a FW issue. But a few months hardly constitutes “ageing”.


I just had my 5005 replaced. It was a g2bd which had problems after I upgraded to it. I now have a b208 and am leaving it at that even thought the site says I could upgrade. It’s working fine as is so far.


unwired, the E20 drive update was dated Jan '05 and then the system update ES3 was Jan’05 also. I posted about using the protection button, because of the DVD problem in early March and it was happening before then but not right after the drive or system update. As I mentioned when I got it in Nov '04 (mfrd Sep '04) I xfered a lot of VHS tapes and recorded a lot of shows. So in say 4 months it was not “aged” but used a lot but no where near the 60,000 to 70,000 MTBF figures, if i recall correctly,from LiteOn.


I have B208 and have no drive problems.


I have a February 2005 model, that I
upgraded the firmware for, even before I used
the recorder (the number changed to the B208 code).
Mine is an 813s drive.

Not only have I not had any problems.
The drive has performs flawlessly and with excellent
clarity in 2 hr. mode using only RICOH DVD+RW’s
and Taiyo Yuden +R’s - which are both under the Fuji Label.
I should also note I have it hooked up to receive stereo sound
and better picture through my SA cable box.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this could go bad at any time,
but the February 2005 manufacturer date and later models
include additional heat sinks, effectively correcting many
of the problems of the 5005 model (813 drive or not). I
am now entering the 7th month of burning approximately
every other day. I could also be lucky.

But I don’t know if the drive is the thing you want to focus on
entirely? I would worry more about what mainboard is in the model
and if the heat has something to do with the drives failing.

Does anyone on this board have the newest May manufacture date
and have they experienced many problems??? I was
thinking of buying a second 5005.


I have G2BD in a replacement system which is starting to play up with reading etc.
This is my second machine which was fine for about 4 months. In process of trying to get replacement #3 :a

I reloaded the LNFF4098.ES5 hacked yesterday but no change. Was surprised that the system allowed a reload of firmware already on the system :confused:


@redhilltown - my Sep '04 5005A I purchased in Nov 04 had a total of 3 heat sinks in it, 1 on the processor and 1 on each of the chips by the IDE cable connection to the board. Does yours have more than 3?


Just received the replacement of my LVW-5005A

Date - Jan 2005 (replaced old Oct 2004)
FW - 0098 (no 3hr mode)
S/N: 0102 1840 0098 B208 (not hacked yet)
Main Board - REV:02 (3 heat sinks 1 large/black 2 small/silver)
That front cutout USB size
Drive Number - DDW 813S
No brand on tuner - (Jinxin? mono with hum - no Philips label)
I did not notice any other changes


I must admit the first two LVW5005Bs had the ill fated 813s drive and I would agree the 4xx series to me were better, I now have a LVW5006 dated feb 2005 and yes the ill fated 813s drive is back!!


I have a 5005A that I purchased a year and a half ago. It no longer recognises any blank media -R, +R, -RW, +RW, CD-R. My LiteON All Write is NOT Alright!

My specs are posted below. Unit worked fine until I did a FW upgrade, then all blank media came up FAIL. Reads just fine. I can watch both commercial as well as burned movies no problem. Just can’t get it to recognize any blanks.

Before you ask, No, I don’t remember what I flashed from. I am currently at 0102-0143-0080-F2SC(101-0109)

Hey, if anybody has a suggestion, I am all ears. I’ve searched around a bit through the forums but haven’t foudn anything that COMPLETELY mimics what I am experiencing.

I was really glad I found this forum - Nice to see people supporting each other where the manufacturer has apparently dropped the ball…


sounds like it is time to replace the drive


You could try a different media and clean your lens with a cleaning kit. If that don’t work I would replace the drive since it is an early model ddw-411s. You could get a new burner for about $36.00. How much recording/playing have you done on it? It could be the laser is getting weak.


so easy to test a different drive on a LiteOn recorder and so little to lose, try one!


My DDW-411S finally packed it in on my Daytek DVR30 (LITEON LVW5001A rev 4 main board). I tried purchasing a stock DDW-411S directly from LITEON to get the standard answer that they don’t sell drives and to go the repair route through the retailer I purchased it from. Since the unit is past its prime, I am going to attempt repairing it. I’ve already removed the old 411S and purchased a new SOHW-1693S replacement as mentioned above.

I’ve read a number of entries and I am just as lost as to what FW I need the tools. Is the 5005 firmware equivalent to the 5001? I.e. can the same FW be used i.e. LVW-5005A (fw 0098 hacked) and where would I get a copy?

As far as downgrading the SOHW-1693S to a DDW-411S, is this possible or would it be better to switch the drive id in the main firmware to use the SOHW-1693S instead? I like the second approach better, please advise.


As many of you know I 've had a 5005 Sept./04 with the 451s drive and RMA’d to receive the same kind of unit Dec/04 with a 451s drive. I’ve had terrible jump/jitter on both units! Do you think the drive could be the problem or something else?? (64K Question!!)


I would update the Daytek to the latest system firmware and then install the 1693s with it’s latest firmware. If the Daytek is definitely a 5001A get the latest firmware for it.


I still have my Sept '04 5005. I did replace the burner with a LiteOn 832s but not for jitter ( which I never noticed) , it was for the media recognition problem and it not working with media that it worked with before.

By any chnace have you tried the 5005 set up anywhere else to see if it is being cause by something else. It’s worth a shot to replace the burner as jump/jitter is usally caused by media/burning issues though.