Different CD grades (A, AAA, B.. / Z? - just kidding)

I’ve been buying here, since a long time and sometimes I’ve seen they sell CD-DVD reprinted, which as once read here must be avoided as much as possible. But other times they offer some media branded as “AAA grade”, “A+ Grade”, etc…

Could anyone tell me which are the differences between them (if any). Well I suppose that AAA will be the best available, isn’t it? The dye (Azo for verbatim, long life dye…) is also important, as the substrate (polycarbonate…) isn’t it?

Thanx ppl :bow:

These ratings mean absolutely nothing.

A = A Grade
AA = B Grade
AAA = C Grade

Kind of encoding :cool:

Already asked and answered here : http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=129123
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