Differenct Scandisc results with different readers

I’ve just run Nero’s Scandisc surface scan on three different readers with the same freshly burned CMC 40X rated disc. The disc is close to full, with 700MB of data and it was burned at 40X on my MSI CR40-A 40/12/40 RW drive.

On a Ricoh MP5125A 32x reader (8X DVD) I get the following
Good: 99.78%
Damaged 0.22%
Unreadable: 0.00%

On a Asus DVD-E616 48X reader (16X DVD) I get the following:
Good: 94.26%
Damaged 5.74%
Unreadable: 0.00%

On a Hitachi GD-2500BX 24X reader (6x DVD) I get this:
Good: 75.02%
Damaged 24.98%
Unreadable: 0.00%

I guess this highlights how different readers can post wildly varying results. Which reader would you believe and does the fact that these are all actually DVD Writers or Readers make any difference?

believe the lowest error rating.

if it can read it with low errors then theres probably going to be another drive that reads at low error rates, which means that it’s the drive thats any problem as to higher error rates.
perhaps the other two drives simply don’t work well with that kind of CD-R media.

the reason you got such poor results is that the media is CMC. try some good media and you will probably get 100% results with all drives.

All of these drives are telling you that your media is poor and/or the burn speed was too high. That much you can believe. The only acceptable result os “0” errors and a full-speed read.