Differences of .bin .img .iso images?

What’s the difference between .bin, .img, .iso images?
Are there any reasons to prefer one of them over the rest? Do they have weak or strong points?
Do all burning software like them equally?

These are three different file formats for image files. Like there are different formats for audio files(.wav .mp3 .wma) Depending upon the software that you are using, you may have to convert one to another in order for it to work. Not all software will all file types. This is true of any file type.

But each audio format is different. Wave is big and lossless, mpeg layer 3 is small and lossy, windows media audio is an other problem by Microsoft. :smiley:
Each audio format has its strengths and weaknesses, that’s why each is suitable for a specific task.

But what about image files? Why there isn’t only one? What needs motivated people to creat a second, third etc image file format? I don’t think they had nothing better to do.

IMO, image file formats are created mainly for marketing reasons by the software companies.

I would agree with you about .nrg of Nero, .ashdisc of Ashampoo etc, but .bin .img and .iso are not creations of any sofware company as far as I know.

[QUOTE=talos_2002;2060536]I would agree with you about .nrg of Nero, .ashdisc of Ashampoo etc, but .bin .img and .iso are not creations of any sofware company as far as I know.[/QUOTE]BIN/.CUE files are a single track archive and a ISO is a multi-track archive.

I noticed that there were choices as far as what to rip the CD as to a file… bin, iso, or img. What are the advantages of each? I realized all the files I ripped with CD Clone last month with a big portion of my cd collection were all ripped using the .IMG file extension - which I wish I wouldn’t have used, because they all come with tag-a-long supplementary files when they are put on my hard drive.

So, what I’m looking for is what is easiest to emulate a disc (WHILE MAINTAINING a multi-track config, so basically it would be a carbon copy of the cd) as though I had the cd in the optical drive, which would probably be an .ISO if I’m not mistaken? [B]I just want whatever is easiest to double click and listen to, or to drag and drop onto my MP3 player if I want…straight from my hdd[/B]

Please let me know your thoughts, and whether or not I should use a certain file extension when saving, [B]and also if I can do anything about the huge portion of the .IMG files I already saved of my CD collection last month in order to make them user friendly files I can listen to on the go, or put on my MP3 player or rip certain single tracks off of.[/B]

(The reason why i am against the .IMG and .BIN is because I don’t understand them, and I don’t like using virtual drives like Daemon, so maybe once you all can shed some light on everything I can make a choice and fix everything) THANKS!!! :slight_smile: