Differences in NForceMother Boards?

What’s the difference between the Nvidia Nforce2 SPP Chipset + Nvidia Nforce2 MCP-T and the Nvidia Nforce Ultra 400?Tnx :bow: :bow: :bow:

the nforce2 ultra 400 is basically a revision of the original nforce2 northbridge chipset and is now guaranteed to run at 400mhz fsb. the mcp-t is the southbridge and is independent of the northbridge.

is now guaranteed to run at 400mhz fsb

The earlier revision is now running very well at 400, at least the ASUS is, thanks to the newest BIOS. I doubt that it is as good on benchmarks at the later revision, but it’s deffinitely working. :slight_smile:

yeah, many of the original nf2 boards were already capable of 400mhz fsb, but they weren’t guaranteed to run that fast since not all could, and the original nf2 didn’t officially support it.

I suspect that the ASUS BIOS has limited the DDR in some way to enable 400MHz, my benchmarks did not improve for the DDR when I went from 185 to 200 FSB. But the CPU sure does work better! (Gained about 4%) Can’t say if the newer revision has the same limitation, but given the newer chipset, I’d hope not.