Differences in disc size reported by burners

Hi all,

I have noticed a strange problem. Some times when I try to burn an image on a DVD+RW, my Benq 1640 and my Nec 3500 report these images as too big to fit on the DVD+RW.They both ask me if I want to continue burning the image anyways, and then give me an error message.

But when I try to burn this same image on the same disc in my Samsung SH-W162C, it burns the image withouth any problems and doesn’t mention anything about image size at all.

I have encountered this with several images and also tried different burning programs like Nero, ImgBurn and DVDdecrypter, all give the same result.

Any of you have an idea why this is?

What kind are these images and only on DVD+RW, rated how much and what manufacturer/mediacode?

A DVD-R can hold a few mb more than a DVD+R.

I’ve encountered this with images of dvd movies. I only have DVD+RW discs, so haven’t tried -RW. The discs I use are rated 4x max and are different brands (Fuji, Memorex, Traxdata) and are either RICOHJPNW11 or PHILIPS041

Make the images a bit smaller then, this way they will also fit on +RW.

That’s a good tip :wink: but doesnt answer my question why some drives report the available space to be bigger than other drives.

I have no idea why, it’s probably just a different handling from the firmware (code).

Maybe the samsung overburns :wink: