Differences between US0Q and VS0A for 812S?

OK… First, I in no way disagree with those who know a LOT more than I do when they say that the VS0A firmware for the 832S and the US0Q firmware for the 812S are the same with simply the removal of the DL codes. They know what they are talking about and I am no one to argue with experts.

But I have found some interesting anomalies and I figured I would share them since I have spent a lot of time trying to figure this out and trashed more than a few discs.

First, all the burns are done on a Liteon 812S and are done on Ritek R03 type 2 discs. These discs are unusual in that they are clearly marked “4X” on the surface but the media ID shows up as “R03”. When I burn these at 8X using any of the four firmwares I tried all the PI errors were way up (300-600) so I gave up any 8X burning. When I went to the stock US0Q firmware with no Omnipatcher fixes I got errors in the 60s and when I put in the patch that set the burn code to TY02 I got the errors down to the teens. I was content, and very glad that this drive allowed lots of firmware updates.

I then double checked all the posts and was told that the VS0A firmware was written first and then just modified for the 812S as the US0Q. Great, I thought, and flashed again. I then went to burn another R03 at 4X and found, to my surprise errors in the 400s again. I flashed again to US0Q and these errors dropped down to the teens where they should be.

I am eternally grateful for the guys who write Omnipatcher and all these code patches and I have had a lot of fun fine tuning this drive for these R03s since they were a great price. I figure the trashed discs are a low price to pay for what is basically a hobby. Maybe I just have some really weird R03s. Who knows; I just thought I would share.

Hey man thanks for you post

Ive been using R03’s with fairly good results too :slight_smile:

Im using VS0A omni’d with all options ticked and get average PI’s in the teens too :slight_smile: - when burning at 8x that is! Im doing a 4x burn now (went back to US0J for fun - actually cause ricohjpnr01 burn like chunks on this VS0A) but that brings me to my question, I never tried changing write strategys in omni, now when you say you changed your r03 stategy to ty02, do you mean the very bottom entry being ‘YUDEN000/T02/00’ ? also did you still apply the recommended tweaks file? (rec_tweak.conf) and also if you omni’d a stock us0q, did you only then apply the tick in omni for ‘Enable auto-bitsetting’, or some others too?


The recommended tweaks will set R03 to T02 by default. :wink:

ah ha! right you are :wink:

so chas0039, was it only the ‘Enable auto-bitsetting’ you had ticked in addition to the recommended tweaks? and have u still found US0Q to be better then VS0A? /or are you still using US0Q


Correct. I tried US0Q with no tweakes and then I added the recommended tweak that correced to Yuden T02 as COdeking noted, with only bisetting checked. All the other settings (other than crosspatch) apply to 8X burning and no matter what I set I get trashed 8X burns. I am also staying with US0Q. Given that others are doing OK with R03s at 8X I am going to get some 8X media marked as such and make sure my drive doesn’t have problems at 8X. I wrote to Ritek to see if they have any input but I don’t expect much as they have been rather unhelpful in the past. I would guess I have some “B” quality media that they got rid of by relabeling to lower speed. It certainly acts like it.