Differences between the Samsung TS-H552B and the Samsung TS-H552

Hey! Is there any differences between the Samsung TS-H552B and the Samsung TS-H552? :rolleyes: I have recently bought a Samsung TS-H552 and wondering if it would be good enough to back-up my PS2 games, I already have a Asustek CD Burner, Would you recommend it if I keep it AND the new DVD writer?

Thanks in advanced, :slight_smile:

TS-H552A=toshiba SD-5372
TS-H552B=samsung DVD+R DL x 2.4
TS-H552U=samsung DVD+R DL x 4
TS-H552C=samsung DVD+/-R DL x 4
use nero infotool to check which letter your writer has
there is TS-H552D=samsung middle-east release only!

not to mention the TS-H552L=samsung similar to C but with lightscribe

Hi there-
late post but do you know what specifications the h552D has?

just check this ext.