Differences between SHM-165H6S and 165P6S

I am thinking of getting one of these two drives, but I was not sure of the differences between the two.

Also, which one is the better overall drive, as far as reading, ripping, burning, and durability. Thanks


both drives are basically the same, the only difference is Lightscribe support, that comes with the 165[B]H[/B]6S.


Hi [B]JBS12[/B], welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

The only difference is that the H model has LightScribe.

There does seem to be a tendency that the P model gets firmware updates sooner than the H model, however.

JBS12, are you able to find either of these under $40? NewEgg is the only place I’ve found, but they only have the SHM-165H6 model and are currently out of stock for it.