Differences between SD 3.x and SD 2.x weak sectors?

We all know SafeDisc 2 first introduced the so-called “weak sectors” (first protected game was C&C: Red Alert 2). I have seen the new versions of CloneCD are capable of copying SD 3 weak sectors. Don’t they have the same features as their 2.x counterparts ? Or are there differences between SD2 and SD3 weak sectors ? (excluding other features such as ATIP recognition)

SD3.15/3.20 introduces a new range of weak sectors which contain not just a single pattern, but several different patterns in a row, which made useless the current “Amplify weak sectors” algorithms. You can view them with either Alcohol’s built-in sector viewer (Richtclick track 1 in the image making wizard, select view sectors) or with Truman’s tool, then browse the 400-800 range.

I guess Slysoft has found a way to amplify these weak sectors…

No, it has not…, it uses emulation instead.

So can it be someone will develop an AWS algorithm that will work with these multiple patterns?

And this is why a 2 sheep burner means nothing anymore. It seems though these weak sectors in 3.20 are only a copying preventative not part of the CD-Check, my working backup of doom 3, only seems to have the block errors from 994 to 10301, on the few drives I have tested this is all they can read. But put the original in and all but one drive (Sony DDU 1612) picks up errors from around the 390 to 420 mark to 10301.